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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 19, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> if four americans get killed it's not optimal. we will fix it. >> kimberly: does it make you fall out of your chair? "not optimal"? the mother of sean smith killed in libya said, "it's insensitive to say my son is not optimal. he is very dead. i have not been optimal since he died and the past few weeks have been pure hell. it's disrespectable and it's not right. how can you say somebody being killed not very optimal. a lot of stupid things were said about my son and what happened. this is another one of them. to say this is an unfortunate statement is understatement of epic proportion. this is something, you don't say that. i don't care that jon stewart said it before. >> why did he repeat it back? >> this is when you do media training for someone and you go in interview, don't repeat the negative.
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don't let them put words in your mouth. it can happen. it should not happen to someone on the national stage this long. to make sure it didn't happen. and someone who said they look full responsibility. the whole situation is bad. i think they should not have announced so early in the week that president obama was going to be on the daily show. i love the daily show. i would recommend it to anybody. it's great. in this time, right before the election and in the middle of a situation where all of a sudden, everybody at the white house and the campaign is shutting down and trying to starve this story of oxygen. he basically fueled the flames of it. >> kimberly: there has been a response about this. >> here is what happens. when president obama is not reading a speech from teleprompter he says the private sector is doing fine. you didn't build that. now not optimal. dana pointed something out. there is no reason for him to do the talk show circuits. as far as jon stewart's show goes, he got. that he owns that vote.
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that was an unforced error that will come back to haunt him. i would like to know is bob schieffer going to step up and say monday night in foreign policy debate. this is foreign policy. is schieffer going to say, mr. president did you nien say that? if you didn't mean to they, what did you mean? >> kimberly: greg, i know bob is not thrilled about this. we're going to get to him. saving it up. you can see by the facial expression. you have a different opinion about this. >> i like it when you said it's an understatement of epic proportions. kim did you like that? >> greg: jumbo shrimp. he repeated a word that jones stewart used. a lot of people do that. that was the mistake. he allowed somebody to put words in his mouth. he is not an outrage guy. if you put those two together, as ah, he didn't
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you blame the video and then you deny that. then he has to deny he denied that. building a dagwood sandwich of lies. this administration is a port-o-potty full of crap. democrat's quite a visual. >> greg: i don't think it's the -- i don't think that is the real outrage here. >> kimberly: can candy save him from this? >> bob: port-o-potty? >> greg: i'm talking about the lies. >> bob: you say epic proportions and everybody is talk about this. everybody doesn't even think about it. >> kimberly: you're wrong. >> bob: maybe between here and washington. maybe he shouldn't have repeated the word. i don't think it matters one witt. when you say epic, or everybody is thinking about i it. let vees bob schieffer waste time and ask that question. you think what you think is going on across america.
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>> eric: the right, the left seems to take apart romney saying binders, that is important. but president obama saying not optimal about four dead -- >> bob: do you think that -- >> kimberly: murdered americans are totally preventable. i think the american people care about it. >> you have to respect that. >> greg: it's more about the choice of words is that jon stewart used. if the shoe were on the other foot, if romney was involved in this, he would be crucif crucifyed. >> bob: big bird and binders. i'd have the same reaction if bob schieffer wasted time on big bird and binders as "optimal." the idea this is preventable is unsubstantiated. >> dana: i don't think that eric is suggesting that bob schieffer should ask about
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word "optimal." he is asking about the bigger picture. stay tuned. if you're interested in the story to "special report." james rosen got actual state department cables that go back there. they are so sobering. it's not just on the very day. ambassador stevens, on the day that he was killed. the evidence is overwhelming. i think that is why the campaign all of a sudden has gone quiet. you to talk to the white house. i think they are getting lawyers, they have to lawyer up on this thing. they are too far out on it. >> eric: unbelievable what they dug up. on september 11, day he was killed ambassador stevens cabled "it's sensitive." he noted growing problems with security in benghazi. growing frustration.
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what we have seen are not random crime of opportunity but targeted and discriminant attacks. the al-qaeda flag is spotted. >> bob: that doesn't look like a similar cable like that went out to every embassy -- >> eric: the man died the same day. the same day. >> bob: what lawyer up, the only way you lawyer up is to go before congress and sworn in and you lie about it. >> dana: there could be civil investigation. if you look at the statement from the dni, state department and c.i.a. do not add up for what the administration said before the between-week period. september 11 to 28 and going to the debate. they are trying now so they're not asked about it. the better thing is sit down with the press corps and turn
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it over. get everybody in a room. forget about politics. nowhere in there does it explain why they arrested an american citizen for something what has nothing to do with the results. >> bob: trying to make it to a watergat scenario. >> dana: i'm not. >> greg: this is back to the old line, it's not the crime, the coverup. >> bob: you think they should be lawyered up? screwing up? >> eric: four americans are dead. >> eric: one thing matters more. >> bob: are you kidding me? are you suggesting that watergate didn't matter? if you put water gate and four dead americans on a scale, on a balance, what do you think americans will care more about? which do you think? >> that is a ridiculous
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comparison. >> what is ridiculous to say you think it's watergate more important? i don't think is it whatsoever. how about the people grieving and suffering because the family members were murdered senselessly because their cry for help and more security fell on deaf ears and they cheaped it out and hired blue mountain with flex cuff handcuffs and tasers. are you kidding me? >> bob: colonel wood did not suggest those things that happened. >> dana: setting aside the security, what about the excuses and blaming something that turns out not to be true? if you look at the facts and the timeline, it can't be true. >> bob: why don't we wait for the f.b.i. to have the reporting? >> dana: it's not a law enforcement problem. the president blamed an american citizen for it. then he said he took responsibility for terrorist attack. then they have gone back and go back -- >> bob: this is not an f.b.i. investigation? of course it is. >> dana: if they want to wait for f.b.i. investigation
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they shouldn't have answered the questions. >> bob: that i agree with. >> kimberly: can we talk about another are you kidding me moment? "new york times" are able to find out who the terrorists are, what is going on. they found the ring leader because he was having a britney spears moment. hanging out, outside cafe. thumbing their nose at the u.s. doesn't care. saying come get me. here i am sitting. >> greg: the big crime here is that he is sipping strawberry frappe and he is a man. that alone is worthy of death. we need to create an accelerated martyr program. we need to announce in the middle east we're building disney land, which isn't a disney land. they can go blow themselves up. it's like a roach motel for humans. democrat sounds really acceptable. >> eric: this man, allegedly the ring leader of the benghazi attack that killed four americans sitting in a
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hotel. originally reported as mango juice. hold on. hold on. is this the libyan government saying you know what? we're not going to pick him up for questioning. we're going to let whatever happens, the obama administration, let the seals, whoever, come in here. come out smelling like a rose. >> bob: this guy lives in benghazi and head of a terrorist group, no way related to al-qaeda like everyone is trying to say they are. >> eric: pick them up? >> bob: sure. >> kimberly: that is inaccurate intelligence information. enjoy the frappe. coming your way and something. real quick tonight about libya, we have to promote this. bob, apologize. dana perino is on a special tonight. we got a clip of that. can we show it? on libya. >> that afternoon, president leaves for campaign trip to las vegas. >> the president of the united states did not postpone a campaign event. even though we had been hit. >> i said at the time i thought that was the biggest
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political strategic mistake of the obama campaign. >> dana perino was the white house press secretary in george w. bush's administration and now a fox news host. >> just imagine if he would have said as commander-in-chief it's important for me to stay back here at the white house. >> just imagine, everybody thought wow! how responsible. >> all right. that is coming on the fox news channel at 10:00 eastern tonight. tune in. >> your hair looks better now, by the way. >> it does. >> kimberly: coming up, governor romney and president obama put the campaign aside for the annual al smith dinner new york city. it had laughs. >> i have already seen early reports from tonight's dinner. headline "obama embraced by catholics. romney dines with rich peopl people." >> kimberly: more on that when we come back. programming note. this sunday we have a special live show at 9:00 eastern. we have a jam packed preview of the final presidential debate. the focus: foreign policy. please join us then. ♪
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we will cover romney and president obama. [ applause [ applause ]
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>> you both look so dashing in tails. or as you call it, governor, business casual. >> dana: that was al smith, host of the annual al smith dinner taking place in new york city. last night, both candidates were in town to be part of it. for those who think romney is dull and doesn't have a sense of humor, take a look at this. >> al, you are right. campaign requires wardrobe changes. jeans in morning, sports coat for dinner and relax to wear what ann and i wear around the house. i was hoping that the president would bring joe biden along this evening. because he will laugh at anything. in the spirit of ses me street -- sesame street the president's remarks are brought to you by the letter "o" and the number
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16 trillion. president put a stamp on relations with the church. there have been awkward moments. the president pulled pope benedict aside to share advice how to deal with his critics. look, holy father, whatever the problem, is just blame it on pope john paul ii. >> dana: both of the speeches for romney and president obama were run live last night on "hannity." we were cracking up. did you like it? >> kimberly: i loved it. very entertaining. both were great. fun to see them where they weren't adversarial. both are feeling loose after the rumble, showdown. >> dana: speeches are not easy to give. >> bob: but the jokes were set up for the last month-and-a-half. they get the writers and comedians. hard to have a bad speech. like convention. davi >> dana: i don't know, if it falls flat in comedy it can be bad. >> greg: you know that story. it was weird to see so many
2:18 pm
vehement pro-choicers at a catholic event yucking it up. this is the belly laugh. mitt was harsh on obama. self-deprecation is something that helps them because they have so much reaction. >> this is the third time governor romney and i met recently. some of you may have noticed i had more energy in the second debate. i felt well rested after the nice long nap i had in the first debate. i particularly want to apologize to chris matthews. four years ago i gave him a thrill up his leg. this time around i gave him a stroke. actually, mitt is his middle name. i wish i could use my middle name.
2:19 pm
[ laughter ] >> dana: i love that line. the chris matthews joke never get old. >> eric: we can start using barack hussein obama. when you watch these you saw romney being comfortable. very calm. nice delivery. president obama being a little nervous. this feels it may be an indication of what the race is doing. there is a spread moving toward mitt romney. >> greg: this is the start of the story, the story that president obama doesn't want this anymore. he seems so blase. and that, you know, it's just, he is tired. maybe mitt didn't win this and obama gave it to him. >> bob: can we bring the picture up we had of people behind obama. >> dana: bob wants to show something. while pull that up, i want to say the reason that romney's
2:20 pm
speech had everybody laughing out loud you don't hear that many comedians make jokes about obama. first time he was needled. no one is listening to me at the table. can we look at bob's pictures? >> kimberly: they don't have it. they got it. >> eric: the funniest line is when mitt romney said main stream media will report and say obama gets along with catholics and romney dines with rich people. >> bob: that is not the picture. >> dana: quickly on the rasmussen poll. you talked to democrats today. how are they feeling? >> bob: not well. you are outside the margin of error, which means that romney is ahead. i don't think he is ahead by seven points.
2:21 pm
in the growing survey he has today. there is one night of the -- the night of theebate. i'm waiting to see what it look like at the next six days. >> dana: at what point do you think they will write a story about mitt romney peaked too early and obama making a comeback? anybody? >> bob: i think romney will make mistakes. >> eric: the debate monday night. the first friday in november. the october jobless numbers. the last two major things. if romney is below the radar -- >> dana: if they take any advice from me don't go on the comedy programs. >> kimberly: from now until the election. i think romney is peaking at the right time. he has momentum.
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2:27 pm
defense spending -- bob, turn the phone off. now look at this. they're now more people receiving medicare and medicaid than all of the full-time private sector employees in america. folks, we reached that point. where there are officially more people in the cart than pulling the cart. >> bob: are we on the air? >> kimberly: yes. we have been on the air. turn your phone off now. >> bob: i didn't know that. >> eric: president obama wants to focus on big bird and binders. because you're playing with me, let's start with you. $119 million -- >> bob: i didn't know we were on the air. i didn't know we were on the air. he told me we had four-and-a-half minutes. >> greg: the second segment going to hell. all right. >> bob: blame bob for it. like everything else. what would you like to talk about? >> eric: the fact there are 119 million people on medicare and medicaid and only 95 million people times private sector employees in america. more people in the cart than
2:28 pm
pulling the card. >> same thing that will happen to social security. you don't have enough people to put in the system. enough workers to take care of the people in the system. they are older than people with respect they'd be. they start the social security system. idea of welfare, i know you are big on food stamps. you don't use them, i know. start the women, infant and children programs. these are small numbers compared to the big ones like medicare and medicaid and social security. grit esto that issue. until we take on entitlement, nobody has guts to do it. >> eric: medicaid is up $82 million. $82 billion. >> bob: so what? it's the law. >> eric: 38 other programs. we're spending a trillion on welfare. jimenez is the united states of dependency because they never net depent they didn't like. this is not helping americans
2:29 pm
to strengthen themselves and build their families and provide. this is creating a weakness in dependency. that is not the right way. >> eric: medicare is paid for by people -- >> kimberly: that's not what i'm talking about. >> greg: just talk about the welfare piece. this is based on diminished role of religion. the church was about to help people around you. welfare replaced the idea of charity. so this is like you say charity sucks. you are saying the opposite. the government must take care of people. nobody remember what is it's like. right, bob? >> bob: i didn't know you were an expert on churches. >> greg: i spent a long time in one. it grew up in one. i was an altar boy.
2:30 pm
>> bob: you were? >> greg: i was. >> bob: who was your priest? >> greg: father zoft. father corkoran. >> dana: the easiest thing to do is liberals say conservative want to cut welfare from women and children. they are suggesting to give governors more flexibility to get programs more in their local area. rural environment to take advantage of it. help supplement that. there is a deeper conversation here about moral obligation. not just to help people in need and give them that bridge or help they need from one thing to the next. to help them find work and responsibility and joy that comes from building yourself up. that is where people who have more could do more to help people. solve some of the problems.
2:31 pm
>> bob: you are exactly right about giving the states more responsibility to these things. since i ruined three blocks already, i want to say i'm in agreement with you. leave it there. >> eric: coming up, is it a smart idea to talk politics in the office? we do it every day. we have get along just great. right? >> greg: yeah. >> dana: great, bob. ♪ ♪ if we want to improve our schools...
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is the release of state department cabling just how bad the security situation was prior to last month's terror attack in libya. tonight on "special report," we'll tell you what the u.s. ambassador wrote about problems that had him concerned about his own safety in the weeks and months leading up to the attack.
2:36 pm
especially on the day he died. we will show you how repeated request for more fire power were turned down by washington. fox news learned alarming details like mysterious libyan ship had dangerous cargo. we are 18 days from the voting day. we will tell you what the candidates are up to ahead of the time debate on foreign policy. we'll get you ready for monday with a foreign policy briefing of your very own. it's friday. the friday lightning round. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: the election is six or eight months away. no one really knows. some wonder if talking
2:37 pm
politics in the workplace is okay. "wall street journal" owned by our parent company, super rich and amazing people incorporated say workplace debates are getting worse. a survey i didn't read because i prepared for the o'reilly segment, a third of firms been a political chat altogether. but look, when coworkers say don't talk politic what is they're really saying is don't talk politic fashion yos if youa crazy right wingers. it's acceptable for libs to wear the politics on their sleeve. they invented the sincerely wordy t-shirt. the gutfeld institute for made up stuff found a typical liberal owns seven bumper stickers but only half a car. when they join in the conversation it's whoa, dude, back off! in the '90s when dana was till wiping down tables at tcby, i was editing a health magazine. i was well-liked because i was in great shape. my abs had biceps.
2:38 pm
my triceps dated heather loc locklry. so crack down on the political chatter. but if you are only in banning stuff you don't agree with, you're a wuss and you should work at home or current tv where you will really be alon alone. how do you feel about people talking politics in an office. is it as bad as people talking about their pets? [ laughter ] you have to remember -- doesn't even listen. >> dana: you have to remember i worked at a white house for eight years. when we talked -- >> dana: i never knew! >> dana: we talk politics it was great. i also have a dog and you might not have heard either. on twitter i asked people if they have this problem and they said they do. but you need a safe place to
2:39 pm
go. hey, how are you kids, how is the weather? don't get in a bad situation. or get fired or demoted. not get a raise. i did not work at tcby. you can win half a car on "wheel of fortune." >> greg: no idea. thank you for that. what about the people who talk on the night before? is that considered appropriate information? >> bob: what night are you talking about? mine, not appropriate. no. if you talk about the politics, listen, i wouldn't disagree. you want to hear the conversation? >> kimberly: -- >> greg: do you think so? i don't think we talk politics there. it comes out here. we're the opposite of america. regular stuff. we get it out in the open.
2:40 pm
>> eric: that is probably true. if you took general political views. people we invite for guests are all right wingers. do you think it's a problem? >> eric: we kind of talk about sports. about what happened last night. whatever book -- he is 14. w, my son and we talk politics. the kids pick up on it. >> greg: k.g., we never talk about politics when we're at home. >> kimberly: like when you pretended you want to buy my apartment and go what does it look like?
2:41 pm
send me pictures? like you didn't know already. >> bob: greg told me you have the same apartment. >> kimberly: we don't. he occupies the tree space outside my window. >> greg: my fort made out of pillows. >> kimberly: i love to talk politics at work. momma, we get paid to talk politics. best thing ever. only in america, baby. >> dana: some have to worry. you don't want a g.o.p. sticker on there. >> greg: i was harassed and they found out i wasn't voting for clinton in '92 people came in just to stare at me. >> bob: they should. the idea you want to talk about politics you can't let a minute go by without mentioning something bad about obama. >> eric: when we talk, we talk politics but for the most part, would be of a kind. >> greg: coming up, directly ahead. five political stories to blow your mind or blow dry your hair. bob.
2:42 pm
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♪ ♪ >> bob: i think that is wonderful music. five minutes, five fast political stories. kimberly, go. >> kimberly: way to go. if you recall, we have had discussions about media bias and how different celebrities have treated members that are running for office. in particular, wives or potential first wives. take a look at this. this is whoopie with ann romney. >> i believe your religion does not allow you to go fight? >> no, that is not correct. we have many, many members of our faith serving in the armed services. >> okay. well, i say that because when i read about your husband, what i had read and maybe you can correct me this, is that the reason that he didn't serve in vietnam was because it was against the religion.
2:47 pm
that is what i read? >> that is not correct. >> kimberly: you know, imagine if michelle obama had been on. the reception is different, right? >> yeah. chilly in there in the studio. it didn't need to be. the great thing, republicans have to come more prepared than anybody else. in credibility deficit. romney was able to correct misperception and show herself to be gracious and dignified. it was great. >> bob: whoopie was trying to make the point romney didn't serve in military. >> dana: neither did obama. >> bob: i'm not agreeing with it. >> he is didn't do her homework. >> bob: i was agreeing for once. next, me. right now, the house of representatives, 240 republicans. 190 democrats. 14 of the 26 are tea party backed candidates. they have distinguished themselves by being out of the main stream, way far right.
2:48 pm
so they are leaning democrat or tossup around the country. good work, tea party. >> kimberly: weird. >> bob: want to say anything? >> eric: no. it's wrong. tea party, they mattered in 2010. they will matter in 2012. am i up? >> bob: yes. >> eric: go to the first screen. we talked about the senate races. some key senate battles, i'll explane why they matter in one second. in connecticut, linda mcmahon, 44%. chris murphy, three-term congressman 47%. vacated seat. lieberman but he caucuses with the democrats. next, virginia. george allen, former governor and senator, 45%. tim kaine, 47%. vacated jim webb democrat seat. last one, missouri, todd akman from missouri. 43% against claire mccaskil
2:49 pm
mccaskill. this is why it matters. currently, dems hold 53 seats and republicans 47. if you flip four of them, four flips look what you end up with. 51-49 majority in the senate. the senate is in play. >> bob: north dakota seat is going to republicans right now. we know that for sure. in connecticut, obama will live connecticut by a large margin. mcmahon doesn't have a chance to win the seat. acheman, who you said get out of race is within striking distance of winning that. that says a lot about republicans of missouri. i just don't understand that. the other race -- >> eric: george allen and kaine. >> bob: that is as close as the presidential race. i think probably kaine can pull out a victory. >> dana: mine is about catholic voters.
2:50 pm
battleground poll on monday. 47 to 45% romney leading obama on catholics. amongst active catholics, churchgoing, 39 to 36%. obama won by plus nine. in 2008, romney up plus one in 12. that matters big-time in ohio. leonard leo runs a catholic organization there. it could make a difference in ohio. either way. >> bob: it could make a difference; particularly, in the democratic strong hold. if the numbers come out correctly -- >> eric: point of order here. this is supposed to be a lightning round. you get a minute, i get a minute. >> greg: five seconds. >> dana: your turn is over now. >> greg: he expressed frustration over calling his dad a liar and wanted to take a swing at the president in jest. now talk to the host, larry
2:51 pm
o'donnelley. he works at -- i think it's called current television. online. he challenged toog a fight. a rule, when someone picks a fight, they don't want to fight. it looks too familiar sell i dan distress. i challenge you to a pillow fight in our underwear. times square applebee's in the lobby. the winner buys appletinis. >> bob: all right. one more thing is next. ♪ ♪ 0t[h7 bob, these projections... they're... optimistic.
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>> kimberly: special time for one more thing. mr. gutfeld gets to go first. >> greg: biggest hollywood news since they turned "mama mia" to a motion picture. they're making family circus, the comic strip made by bill keane to live action film. of course, family circus was about how family is often like a circus. it's going to be rated "g." so you can go. >> dana: excellent. >> greg: bring your own snacks and a blanket. >> dana: can you bring your dog? >> greg: no. >> dana: i'm not going. >> greg: bring a blanket. it gets cold.
2:56 pm
>> dana: i loved "family circus." remember when you'd get the sunday paper and they were colored. >> kimberly: i want to talk about my dear friend, very astute liberal by the name of allen cohen. if you know anything about politics you heard about the controversy he created saying hey, eva, hit the road, you know? don't quit your day job. you shouldn't be cochair of obama's campaign. >> i think she should resign from the campaign or asked to resign as cochair. it doesn't reflect well on the campaign. >> kimberly: that was compelling and a bold statement. i'm surprised you agree with that. bob has seen her ten times now. >> bob: i do know who she is. >> dana: don't say it. go on. >> kimberly: we're moving on. bob, your turn.
2:57 pm
>> bob: i need a swear jar. show who the celebrity is. mostly it's swear words. >> if you say it with an accent like that. >> i want people to buy me -- [bleep]. >> we are so sorry. >> i've never done it before. apologize to kids in america watching this. next time i'm on the show there will be a seven-second delay. >> wow! >> bob: tom, don't feel bad about it. it've done it sever times. there now is a delay on this show. of a few seconds. just so they can get bob to not swear. >> kimberly: we have a bob button. >> dana: will he pay his fair share to the jar? >> bob: he taught pay $1 million in the jar. >> dana: remember it goes to romney campaign. >> bob: no, it doesn't. i don't remember that deal. i don't remember yesterday.
2:58 pm
>> today is 25th anniversary of black monday, october 19 when the stock market crashed. 23% to equate to 3,000 dow points. dow is down 200. the a.p. pointed out something that is important. gun and ammo sales strong over the last four years. mostly because people buying guns in advance of the second amendment rights. take a look. smith ands wen, the past four years, less than four years up 300%. take a look at rugeer and other -- sorry, up 3278%. rugeer is up 600%. if you need ammunition, go to cabela's, that stock is up. >> bob: you know why they are up? communists taking over the government. >> dana: i'm an a religion kick today. a lot of liberals said evangelical christians would not vote for mormon.
2:59 pm
the pew poll showed romney getting 74% of the evangelical vote. compared to 19% for obama. >> kimberly: that is a wrap. that is it for us. watch for special preview edition of "the five" at #:00 eastern this sunday. >> bret: new documents from state department reveal how concerned the ambassador to libya was about the security and washington kept ignoring him. up until his murder. this is "special report." >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. hours before the murder, chrissteins wrote a cable to his bosses at the state department, reiterating months of previous cables that security


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